I've written hundreds of articles for newspapers and magazines over the last 15 years – these are a few highlights.

The God Particle
The Walrus, December 2012
Physics books -- Neil Turok's The Universe Within is the latest -- sell like hot cakes, even though we struggle to understand their content. Are we hoping to find more than just quarks and quasars between their covers?

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Did ancient astronomers build Stonehenge?
Astronomy, July 2008
The driving force behind the building of Stonehenge was likely more theater than science.

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God's Laboratory

University of Toronto Magazine, Winter 2008
This spring, an international team of physicists, including several from U of T, will launch the most ambitious science experiment ever devised. Their goal: to unlock the secrets of the universe.

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He Changed the World Forever

The Globe and Mail, June 25, 2005 (a double-page spread from the newspaper)
Newton's laws used to rule. Then, 100 years ago, an unassuming patent clerk named Einstein wrote a physics paper that revolutionized the way we think about the universe. Eventually, it also turned the old man with the wild hair into a superstar scientist and a living icon.

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Totally Genius
The Walrus, June 2005
The smartest scientists in the world still haven’t solved a basic question: are minds like Shakespeare, Mozart, and Einstein born or made?

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Design or Chance?
The Boston Globe Magazine, Oct. 21, 2001
A pseudoscientific challenge to evolutionary theory – "Intelligent Design" – is raising questions about the origin of life and sparking debate in academia.

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The Anthropic Principle’s Surprising Resurgence
Sky & Telescope, March 2004
Intellectual surrender or cutting-edge cosmology? The pros and cons of including life in our theories of the cosmos.

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Worlds Apart
Nature, 17 April 2003
Our knowledge of planets outside our Solar System has been transformed in the past few years. But these new-found worlds don't look much like our planetary neighbours, and no one is quite sure why.

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